Englishman's Bay Tobago 
"...a classic crescent nestled into a natural bay enclosed by two forest-clad headlands. A mountain stream runs down behind the beach at the southern end, where it flows out into the sea."  "...perfect." - Nick Hanna, The World's Best Beaches, London Sunday Times, Nov. 5, 2000 
Wish you were here?
Englishman's Bay Tobago - from the coral reef, alive with multi-colored tropical fish, to the palm-fringed beach, to the clear flowing streams and tumbling waterfalls, past giant bamboo and the great Silk Cotton tree. On up to the rain forest, home of 100's of species of butterflies and birds, flowering vines and exotic plants beyond description.
All this at Englishman's Bay Tobago - a magic corner of the Caribbean .

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Englishman's Bay
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